Listen up! Her Audio Bible is the perfect discovery on International Women’s Day

Her Audio Bible UK is a project that brings together women from a diversity of backgrounds to read from a place of personal faith and share the word of God

Over the past year, female readers from across the UK, have helped to create ‘Her Audio Bible’.

By International Woman’s Day 2024, nine books from the bible have been recorded and are available free of charge online (although donation is encouraged) The readings offer a variety of accents and voices from women right across the UK. You can read more about the project here.

The first readings are available now with more to follow in the coming months. Follow the links below for an uplifting listening experience.

Matthew, read by Rev Rosie Frew, Church of Scotland Parish Minister to Bowden and Melrose

Mark, read by Paxi Chirau, A community nurse in Oxford

Luke, read by Bryony Reynolds, Full-time, professional actor based in Oxford

John, read by Michelle Woodcock, a priest in the Church of England and a teacher, living in Kendal

Galatians, read by Kathryn Hope, a teacher and mother to three. This Vicar’s wife lives in Cumbria

Ephesians, read by Kally Adderkin-Hall, a journalist, broadcaster and film producer living and working in Exeter

Colossians, read by Sarah McCullough, a secondary school teacher living and working in Belfast

James, read by Kathryn Hope, a teacher and mother to three. This Vicar’s wife lives in Cumbria

Revelation, read by Rev Prebendary Dr Isabelle Hamley, a writer, theologian and speaker, Isabelle is currently working as Theological adviser to the House of Bishops. She has a French accent.

Coming soon, Rev Shuna Dicks of Cults Parish Church in Aberdeen, narrating Corinthians, book one and two